NEET Biology Mock Test 01 for 2024 Exam

Are you gearing up for the NEET 2024 exam and looking for an effective way to assess your Biology Preparataion? Well, look no further! We have curated a comprehensive Biology mock test tailored specifically for NEET aspirants like you. This mock test is designed to mimic the actual exam pattern and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in the subject. So, let’s dive into the details of NEET Biology Mock Test 01 for the 2024 exam.

NEET Biology Mock Test 01

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is one of the most competitive medical entrance exams in India. Biology is a crucial subject for NEET aspirants as it constitutes a significant portion of the exam syllabus. To excel in NEET Biology, thorough preparation and practice are essential.

Our NEET Biology Mock Test 01 for the 2024 exam is a valuable resource for aspirants to gauge their understanding of important concepts, assess their exam readiness, and identify areas that require further attention. This mock test is crafted by subject matter experts with extensive experience in medical entrance exam preparation, ensuring its relevance and accuracy.

Question 1

In China rose, the flowers are:

A) Actinomorphic, epigynous with valvate aestivation
B) Zygomorphic, hypogynous with imbricate aestivation
C) Actinomorphic, hypogynous with twisted aestivation
D) Zygomorphic, epigynous with twisted aestivation

Question 2

Which one of the following organisms is correctly matched with its three characteristics?

A) Pea: C3 pathway, Endospermic seed, Vexillary aestivation
B) Tomato: Twisted aestivation, Axile placentation, Berry
C) Onion: Bulb, Imbricate aestivation, Axile placentation
D) Maize: C3 pathway, Closed vascular bundles, Scutellum

Question 3

The transverse section of a plant part showed polyarch, radial, and exarch xylem, with endodermis and pericycle. The plant part is identified as:

A) Monocot root
B) Dicot root
C) Dicot stem
D) Monocot stem

Question 4

Which meristem is found at the tips of roots and shoots?

A) Apical meristem
B) Lateral meristem
C) Intercalary meristem
D) Secondary meristem

Question 5

Identify the lateral meristems among the following plant tissues:

(A) Axillary buds
(B) Fascicular vascular cambium
(C) Interfascicular cambium
(D) Cork cambium
(E) Intercalary meristem

A) (A), (C), and (D) only
B) (B), (C), and (D) only
C) (A), (B), (C), and (E) only
D) (A), (B), (D), and (E) only

Question 6

How many double circulations are normally completed by the human heart in one minute?

A) Eight
B) Sixteen
C) Seventy-two
D) Thirty-six

Question 7

Another term for heart attack is:

A) Coronary thrombosis
B) Myocardial infarction
C) Cardiac arrest
D) Ischaemia

Question 8

Coronary heart disease is due to:

A) Insufficient blood supply to the heart muscles
B) Weakening of the heart valves
C) Inflammation of pericardium
D) Streptococci bacteria

Question 9

The course of blood from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart is called:

A) Systemic circulation
B) Double circulation
C) Pulmonary circulation
D) Single circulation

Question 10

The given figure shows the diagrammatic view of the human respiratory system. Identify A, B, C, and D.

A) A-Epiglottis, B-Alveoli, C-Bronchus, D-Diaphragm
B) A-Epiglottis, B-Alveoli, C-Bronchioles, D-Diaphragm
C) A-Soundbox, B-Alveoli, C-Bronchus, D-Diaphragm
D) A-Larynx, B-Alveoli, C-Bronchioles, D-Diaphragm

Question 11

The morphological nature of the edible part of coconut is:

A) Perisperm
B) Cotyledon
C) Endosperm
D) Pericarp

Question 12

Root hairs develop from the region of:

A) Maturation
B) Elongation
C) Root cap
D) Meristematic activity

Question 13

Coconut fruit is a:

A) Drupe
B) Berry
C) Nut
D) Capsule

Question 14

When the margins of sepals or petals overlap one another without any particular direction, the condition is termed as:

A) Vexillary
B) Imbricate
C) Twisted
D) Valvate

Question 15

An aggregate fruit is one which develops from:

A) Multicarpellary apocarpous gynoecium
B) Multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium
C) Complete inflorescence
D) Multicarpellary superior ovary

Question 16

What does binomial nomenclature refer to?

A) The scientific naming of organisms using two names
B) A naming system with three components
C) The use of common names in scientific classification
D) Classification based on genetic information only

Question 17

What is the nature of blood passing through blood vessels A, B, C, and D respectively?

A) A – Deoxygenated, B – Oxygenated, C – Deoxygenated, D – Oxygenated
B) A – Deoxygenated, B – Deoxygenated, C – Oxygenated, D – Oxygenated
C) A – Oxygenated, B – Oxygenated, C – Deoxygenated, D – Deoxygenated
D) A – Oxygenated, B – Deoxygenated, C – Oxygenated, D – Deoxygenated

Question 18

Which of the following sequences is truly a systemic circulation pathway?

A) Right ventricle → Pulmonary aorta → Tissues → Pulmonary veins → Left auricle
B) Right auricle → Left ventricle → Aorta → Tissues → Veins → Right auricle
C) Left auricle → Left ventricle → Pulmonary aorta → Tissues → Right auricle
D) Left auricle → Left ventricle → Aorta → Arteries → Tissues → Veins → Right atrium

Question 19

Which of the following is the diagrammatic representation of the standard electrocardiogram (ECG)?





Question 20

What would be the cardiac output of a person having 72 heart beats per minute and a stroke volume of 50 ml?

A) 360 ml
B) 7200 ml
C) 5000 ml
D) 3600 ml

Overview of NEET Biology Mock Test 01

Below is an overview of the NEET Biology Mock Test 01, outlining its structure and the topics covered:

SectionNumber of QuestionsTopics Covered
Diversity in Living Organisms10Classification, Taxonomy, Evolutionary Biology
Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals10Morphology, Anatomy, Plant Physiology
Cell Structure and Function10Cell Biology, Cell Organelles, Cell Cycle
Plant Physiology10Photosynthesis, Respiration, Plant Growth
Human Physiology20Digestive System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System
Reproduction10Reproductive Biology, Human Reproduction
Genetics and Evolution20Mendelian Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Evolution
Biology in Human Welfare10Biotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Issues


NEET Biology Mock Test 01 for the 2024 exam is a valuable tool for aspirants to assess their preparedness and enhance their performance in the actual exam. By simulating the exam environment and covering a wide range of topics, this mock test provides a comprehensive evaluation of your Biology knowledge.

We encourage NEET aspirants to utilize this mock test as part of their exam preparation strategy and leverage the insights gained to strengthen their weak areas. Remember, consistent practice and targeted preparation are key to success in NEET Biology.

So, hurry up, attempt NEET Biology Mock Test 01, and embark on your journey towards acing the NEET 2024 exam!

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