Last 15 Days Study Plan for NEET 2024 to Get 650+ Marks

The final 15 days leading up to the NEET exam are crucial for aspirants. Here’s a comprehensive study plan to help candidates make the most of this period.

Understanding NEET 2024

NEET serves as the gateway to prestigious medical colleges in India. With the exam drawing near, managing stress becomes vital to avoid pitfalls that could lead to a wasted academic year.

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Preparation Strategy

Success in NEET demands systematic preparation. Understanding the exam pattern and prioritizing well-being are fundamental. Let’s delve into a structured plan for the last 15 days.

How to Prepare Effectively for NEET 2024 in 15 Days?

Candidates should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Resolve Doubts and Queries

  • Seek clarification from subject matter experts to ensure accurate understanding.

2. Practice with Sample and Previous Year’s Papers

  • Analyze question papers to understand difficulty levels and identify weak areas.

3. Time Management

  • Adhere to the exam duration to strategize answering techniques.

4. Create a Study Timetable

  • Establish or refresh a study timetable for systematic progress.

5. Maintain Health and Well-being

  • Prioritize physical and mental health to stay focused during preparation.

Last One Month Study Plan for NEET 2024

Refer to the detailed study plan outlined below:

Last 15 Days Study Plan for NEET 2024

1-10– Focused Revision and Practice<br> – Morning Session: Biology<br> – Midday Break: Lunch and light physical activity<br> – Afternoon Session: Chemistry<br> – Evening Break: Short rejuvenation<br> – Evening Session: Physics<br> – Late Evening: Recap using flashcards and self-quizzing
11-13– Mock Exams and Performance Analysis<br> – Full-Length Mock Test: Simulate exam conditions<br> – Lunch Break: Rest and recharge<br> – Test Analysis and Revision: Review answers<br> – Evening Revision: Focus on weak areas and practice more questions
14– Morning Revision: Review key concepts<br> – Afternoon Relaxation Techniques: Engage in activities to relax<br> – Early Night: Ensure sufficient rest
15– Light Activity: Engage in light reading<br> – Preparation: Check required documents<br> – Rest and Relaxation: Maintain hydration and relaxation

Final NEET Preparation Tips

  • Manage health with nutritious foods, hydration, and regular sleep.
  • Practice stress-reduction techniques and maintain a positive outlook.
  • Be adaptable and adjust the plan based on daily progress and energy levels.


  1. Are 15 days enough to study for the NEET exam?
    • While challenging, with a strategic approach, meaningful progress can be made in 15 days.
  2. How can I complete the NEET syllabus in 15 days?
    • Prioritize high-yield topics and focus on understanding core concepts.
  3. Can I complete Biology in 15 days for NEET?
    • Yes, with focused effort and strategic study methods, Biology can be covered effectively.
  4. Can I get 200 marks in NEET in 15 days?
    • It depends on individual preparation, but with a strategic approach, significant improvement is possible.
  5. Is 10 days enough to revise for NEET?
    • While challenging, with focused effort and efficient study methods, meaningful revision can be achieved in 10 days.

This structured approach aims to maximize preparation in the final days before the NEET exam, emphasizing thorough syllabus coverage while prioritizing health and well-being.

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