Is Physics Galaxy the Right Choice for JEE Advanced? An In-depth Review

The uniqueness of Physics Galaxy extends to its innovative teaching methodologies, encompassing a wide array of learning tools like advanced illustrations, video lectures, and problem-solving platforms. This approach is designed to cater to various learning styles, ensuring that concepts like electrostatics, alternating current, and current electricity are not just learned but mastered. With its availability both as an app and a website, Physics Galaxy ensures that students have the necessary tools at their fingertips, whether for self-study or as supplementary material alongside traditional coaching classes .

Who is Ashish Arora?

Ashish Arora, the visionary behind Physics Galaxy, has been a beacon for students aiming for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Here’s a closer look at his contributions and teaching philosophy:

  • Founder & Chief Mentor of Physics Galaxy:
    • Launched Physics Galaxy as an online learning portal to make high-quality physics education accessible to all .
    • His mission is to demystify physics, transforming it from a subject feared by many into a favorite, through comprehensive study resources and over 2000 video sessions available on
  • A Stalwart in Physics Education:
    • With a teaching career that began in 1992, Arora has mentored over 10,000 IITians, demonstrating a profound impact on the landscape of engineering education in India.
    • He has not only coached hundreds of students to international medals in Physics Olympiad but also guided thousands towards success in JEE and NEET, including several national toppers .
    • His innovative strategies in academic delivery, especially his use of technology since 2016, have revolutionized the way physics is taught and learned .
  • Authorship and Recognition:
    • Arora is the author of the popular 4-volume “Physics Galaxy” book series, alongside 11 other books on Physics and Mental Ability tailored for various competitive examinations.
    • His Physics Galaxy NEET PYQ Book became an instant #1 Best Seller on Amazon, a testament to his ability to cater to the needs and aspirations of students.
    • His partnership with Unacademy further signifies his commitment to contributing to the future model of education, ensuring that quality learning materials are within reach of every aspirant.

Ashish Arora’s approach to teaching physics is characterized by simplicity and clarity, making complex concepts understandable at a pace that students can comfortably follow. His role as the center head of Allen Jaipur, coupled with his past experience at Resonance Jaipur, underscores his leadership in the academic community. Through Physics Galaxy, Arora continues to inspire and mentor students globally, ensuring they have the tools and confidence to tackle physics head-on.

Overview of Physics Galaxy Books

The Physics Galaxy book series, authored by Ashish Arora, is a cornerstone for students preparing for JEE Advanced. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes these books a preferred choice:

  • Extensive Coverage and Structure:
    • Five Comprehensive Volumes: The series is divided into five main volumes, each focusing on critical areas of physics. These include Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Oscillation, Waves, Electrostatics & Current Electricity, Magnetism, EMI & Alternating Current, and finally, Optics & Modern Physics .
    • Advanced Illustrations Series: Comprising six volumes, this series delves deeper into Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Oscillations & Waves, Electrostatics & Current Electricity, Magnetism, EMI & Alternating Current, and Optics & Modern Physics, providing an edge for JEE Advanced preparation .
    • Inclusion of Olympiad Level Questions: The books are known for their unique and challenging questions, many of which are of Olympiad level, pushing students to engage in critical thinking beyond the conventional JEE Advanced syllabus .
  • Accessibility and Interactive Learning:
    • Video Lectures: Complementing the books, Physics Galaxy offers video lectures available on their website, making learning interactive and accessible. These lectures cover in-depth analysis and include the latest learning modules, concepts, and solutions .
    • E-Learning Platform: Physics Galaxy is not just about books; it’s an interactive online course offering comprehensive physics study material. This platform caters to a wide audience, from students preparing for NTSE and KVPY to those aiming for JEE, BITSAT, AIPMT, AIIMS, and Physics Olympiads.
  • Supplementary Resources and Support:
    • Physics Galaxy Lecture Notes: Each volume is accompanied by a set of lecture notes, providing a detailed table of contents and a structured approach to learning .
    • Coaching Classes and Doubt-Clearing Sessions: For students seeking additional support, Physics Galaxy offers coaching classes led by experienced faculty, along with doubt-clearing sessions to tackle complex physics concepts.
    • Study Plans and Time Management Strategies: The resource includes a section dedicated to helping students plan their study time effectively, offering tips on time management and study strategies .

Physics Galaxy stands out as a comprehensive resource for JEE Advanced preparation, offering a blend of extensive theory, challenging questions, and interactive learning tools. Whether you’re engaging in self-study or looking for supplementary material, these books, along with the additional online resources, provide a solid foundation in physics, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the exam.

Teaching Methodology

Ashish Arora’s teaching methodology in Physics Galaxy is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse learning needs of students preparing for competitive exams like JEE Advanced. Here’s how the teaching methodology stands out:

  • Concept-wise Video Lectures:
    • Short Duration: Each video focuses on a specific concept, lasting only about 6-7 minutes. This design makes it easy for you to locate and understand particular physics concepts without having to go through lengthy chapters.
    • Repetition for Mastery: The ability to watch these lectures multiple times aids in better retention. For revision purposes, the option to watch videos at 1.5x speed allows you to refresh your memory efficiently, ensuring you spend your study time effectively .
  • Personalized Learning Experience:
    • Flexible Schedule: You have the freedom to watch the classes at your convenience, eliminating the risk of missing out on crucial lessons due to scheduling conflicts .
    • Recorded Lectures: If a concept doesn’t click the first time, you can rewatch the lectures. This feature is particularly helpful for complex topics, and the option to adjust playback speed (1.5x or 2x) for revision or simpler topics tailors the learning experience to your pace .
    • Access to Top Faculty: The platform gives you direct access to learn from some of the best faculty, including Ashish Arora himself, ensuring that you are learning from experts who can simplify complex concepts.
  • Efficient and Comprehensive Learning:
    • Complete Content Coverage: The content in the video lectures is comprehensive, covering almost the entire syllabus required for JEE. Completing all lectures on a particular topic ensures a deep understanding, equipping you with the knowledge to tackle exam questions confidently.
    • Interactive E-Learning Platform: Beyond video lectures, Physics Galaxy offers an interactive online course, providing a detailed guide and tutoring from foundational physics to competitive exam preparation. This approach ensures a seamless explanation of physics concepts, complemented by advanced illustrations and modern teaching methods.

By integrating these teaching methodologies, Ashish Arora’s Physics Galaxy offers a unique and effective learning experience. Whether you’re revisiting a challenging concept or diving into a new topic, the platform’s structured yet flexible approach ensures you’re well-prepared for JEE Advanced and beyond.

Content and Structure

Diving into the content and structure of Physics Galaxy, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources meticulously designed to cater to your JEE Advanced preparation needs. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Video Lectures:
    • Concept-wise Clarity: Each video is tailored to focus on a specific concept, ensuring you grasp the fundamentals without getting overwhelmed. This approach allows you to tackle JEE Physics systematically, concept by concept.
    • Complete Syllabus Coverage: The video lectures span the entire JEE Physics syllabus, leaving no stone unturned. From mechanics to modern physics, you’re covered.
  • Advanced Illustrations Series:
    • In-depth Problem Solving: With over 700 problems, the Advanced Illustrations series dives deep into the application of concepts, enhancing your problem-solving skills.
    • Real-life Application: The problems are rooted in experimental analysis and practical situations, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and its real-world application .
    • Efficient Revision: The series is not just for learning but also for revision, featuring a checklist to help you cover the syllabus effectively.
  • Online Resources on YouTube:
    • Varied Learning Material: The Physics Galaxy channel offers a wide array of resources including videos, shorts, live sessions, and playlists, catering to all your learning needs.
    • Revision and Booster Checklists: Specifically designed checklists for JEE & NEET ensure you don’t miss out on any topic, while booster checklists aim at quick revision for JEE Advanced .
    • Class-wise Concept Videos: Whether you’re in class 11 or 12, there are concept videos tailored to your curriculum, covering everything from the basics to the more complex topics .

The structure of Physics Galaxy is designed to ensure that you not only learn but also retain and apply the knowledge effectively. The synergy between the video lectures, advanced illustrations, and online resources creates a comprehensive learning environment that’s hard to find elsewhere. Whether you’re starting your JEE preparation journey or looking for resources to boost your revision, Physics Galaxy offers a well-rounded approach to mastering Physics .

Advanced Illustrations for JEE Advanced

In your journey to conquer JEE Advanced, Physics Galaxy emerges as a guiding star, especially with its unique offering: Advanced Illustrations. These are not just any set of problems but a meticulously curated collection designed to challenge and elevate your understanding of physics. Here’s a closer look:

  • Diverse Problem Levels:
    • Easy: For solidifying your grasp on fundamental concepts.
    • Moderate: To test your application of concepts in slightly complex scenarios.
    • Tough/Above JEE Advanced Level: Designed to push your limits and prepare you for the most challenging questions you might face in the exam.

Kunal Marathe’s success story, AIR 7703 in JEE Advanced 2021, highlights the efficacy of Advanced Illustrations. Utilizing these during the last two months of his preparation, he significantly bolstered his command over weaker chapters, demonstrating the practical impact these resources can have on your preparation .

Moreover, Physics Galaxy doesn’t stop at JEE Advanced. For those setting their sights higher, it offers advanced illustrations tailored for AIIMS and even Olympiad levels, ensuring that whatever your ambition, you have the right tools at your disposal. This is complemented by booster classes, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for mastering physics beyond the traditional syllabus .

In essence, Physics Galaxy’s Advanced Illustrations serve as a bridge, connecting your present understanding to the expertise required to excel in JEE Advanced and beyond. Whether you’re reinforcing basic principles or tackling the zenith of physics problems, this resource stands ready to guide you through each step of your preparation journey .

Pros and Cons

Pros of Physics Galaxy:

  • Accessibility and Cost: The Physics Galaxy lectures are available for free, making it an accessible resource for students, especially those in rural areas . This aspect is crucial in democratizing education and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder a student’s ability to prepare for competitive exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: With a focus on the JEE syllabus, the Physics Galaxy channel caters to both JEE Main and JEE Advanced students. It includes PYQs (Physics portion of previous year question papers), which are beneficial for revision before exams . This ensures that students have access to a wide range of materials that cover the breadth and depth of the syllabus.
  • Quality of Instruction: The Physics Galaxy lectures by Ashish Arora are highly recommended for the IIT JEE, considered superior to attending coaching classes and other resources like Cengage and Arihant . The combination of Physics Galaxy for understanding theory and Cengage for standard question practice ensures proper theoretical knowledge as well as good practice of concepts.

Cons of Physics Galaxy:

  • Self-Discipline Requirement: Since it’s an online resource, students are on their own, requiring extra punctuality and self-discipline . This might be challenging for some students who thrive under structured, in-person guidance.
  • Doubt Clearing and Social Interaction: There are limitations in clearing doubts online due to communication barriers and difficulty explaining problems. Moreover, the online format offers limited opportunities for making friends, sharing non-academic issues, and understanding competition, which are integral parts of the traditional coaching experience .
  • Home Study Environment: The home environment may not always be conducive to focused studying, which can affect the efficiency of preparation . Additionally, the lecture pace might be slow for some students, and the inclusion of unnecessary topics could lead to time wastage .

This analysis highlights that while Physics Galaxy offers a wealth of resources and advantages, especially in terms of accessibility and quality of content, there are inherent challenges associated with online learning that students need to navigate.

Comparison with Other JEE Preparation Books

When comparing Physics Galaxy with other JEE preparation books, particularly Cengage, it’s pivotal to understand the nuances that each brings to the table. Here’s a detailed comparison based on feedback from various aspirants:

Preference and Performance in Various Topics

  • Physics Galaxy:
    • Preferred by Jash Sheth (AIR 11,736 in JEE Mains and AIR 12022 in JEE Advanced) for practice problems, highlighting its utility in reinforcing concepts through application .
    • Swapnava Das, a JEE 2025 aspirant, appreciates its high-level questions and comprehensive coverage, despite finding it challenging .
    • D.V.V.Abhinav Teja (Rank 245 in JEE Adv 2023 and 191 in JEE Main) recommends it for well-explained concepts, advising mastery of HC VERMA before tackling Physics Galaxy.
    • Sai Khadloya, a 2025 graduate, suggests exclusive reliance on Physics Galaxy for rigorous preparation, recommending its Olympiad problems for aiming at higher ranks .
  • Cengage:
    • Sidhant Nair (AIR 1429 in JEE Advanced 2022) values Cengage for its abundance of examples, exercise problems, and in-chapter exercises that aid in clearing doubts .
    • Anushka Solanki favors Cengage over Physics Galaxy for its coverage of major topics essential for JEE Advanced preparation .
    • It’s suggested that pairing Cengage with Irodov can address its insufficiency for securing high ranks, indicating a need for supplementary problem-solving resources .

Problem Sections and Advanced Problems

  • Physics Galaxy:
    • Identified as lacking in the most advanced problems compared to other JEE Advanced-focused resources, indicating a potential gap for those seeking the pinnacle of challenge .
    • The problem section is noted as not comprehensive enough for JEE Advanced preparation, necessitating additional problem books .
  • Cengage:
    • Despite its extensive examples and exercises, it might seem insufficient alone for high ranks, suggesting a similar need for supplementary materials like Irodov .

General Observations

  • Both Physics Galaxy and Cengage are recognized as valuable resources for JEE preparation, with the choice largely hinging on personal preference and specific preparation needs .
  • Achieving high ranks in JEE Advanced may require more than just reliance on popular books or Cengage, underscoring the importance of a varied and strategic approach to study materials .
  • Performance across chapters varies, with strengths noted in mechanics, geometrical optics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism for both resources, while areas like electrostatics, current electricity, semiconductors, and wave optics may underperform .

In summary, while both Physics Galaxy and Cengage offer substantial support for JEE preparation, aspirants’ preferences and experiences suggest that a combination of resources, tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses, is key to comprehensive preparation.

How to Effectively Use Physics Galaxy for JEE Preparation

To effectively utilize Physics Galaxy for JEE preparation, here’s a strategic approach that blends the rich resources of Physics Galaxy books with disciplined study schedules and active learning techniques:

Initial Steps with Physics Galaxy:

  1. Foundation Building:
    • Begin by solidifying your grasp on fundamental concepts. The Physics Galaxy 2021 book is an invaluable resource, providing solutions to all questions asked in JEE Main from 2002 to 2020, allowing you to see the evolution of question patterns over the years.
    • Utilize the cumulative weightage section for all 30 topics in the Physics Galaxy 2021 book to devise a final strategy tailored to the JEE Main exam. This will help you prioritize topics based on their frequency and importance.
  2. Active Engagement:
    • After watching a lecture, thoroughly read the corresponding chapter in the Physics Galaxy book. This reinforces the concepts covered in the lecture and allows you to make annotations and additions to your notes, enhancing retention and understanding .
    • Challenge yourself with practice questions, referring to notes or illustration examples for guidance. This step should take about half an hour before and after each lecture, making it a manageable yet effective habit .

Incorporating PW Coaching:

  • Structured Schedule:
    • Create a study schedule that incorporates both Physics Galaxy books and PW Coaching sessions. Allocate specific time slots for studying from the book and attending coaching sessions, ensuring a balanced approach to both theoretical learning and problem-solving practice .
    • Stay organized and consistent in your approach. Regularly review and practice problems from both sources to cover all necessary material effectively. This consistency is key to mastering the vast syllabus of JEE .
  • Synergy and Revision:
    • Study the basics from the Physics Galaxy book daily, focusing on topics that will be covered in your batch. This ensures that you’re always a step ahead and well-prepared for upcoming lectures .
    • After completing a chapter, watch a one-shot or revision lecture of that chapter, then solve the entire exercise in one day. This intensive focus helps in consolidating your understanding and prepares you for a variety of questions that might be asked in the exam .
    • Engage with discussion questions thoroughly. These are designed not just for practice but to develop deeper conceptual understanding, which is crucial for tackling the complex problems in JEE Advanced .

By following this structured and integrated approach to using Physics Galaxy for JEE preparation, you can ensure a comprehensive grasp of physics concepts, from the basics to advanced problem-solving skills. Remember, the goal is not just to learn but to apply these concepts effectively in your JEE Main and Advanced exams.

Testimonials and Success Stories

The testimonials and success stories of students who have benefited from Physics Galaxy and Ashish Arora’s teachings are both inspiring and illuminating. Here’s a closer look at how this platform has been instrumental in the success of many:

  • Top Rankers’ Acknowledgments:
    • Aman Bansal (AIR-1, JEE Advanced 2016), Dungara Ram Choudhary (AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2001), and Chitrang Murdia (AIR-1, JEE(Advanced) 2014) have all credited Ashish Arora and Physics Galaxy for their remarkable achievements .
    • Harshit Chopra (AIR-2, IIT-JEE 2001), Kunal Goyal (AIR-3, JEEAdvanced 2016), and Luv Kumar (AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2002) have also expressed their gratitude towards Ashish Arora for his guidance and teaching methods that significantly contributed to their success .
  • Student Testimonials:
    • Sadiah Parween (Koelwar) described the Physics Galaxy app as a game-changer in her NEET/JEE preparation journey .
    • Jayprakash Sharma (Patna) and Avneendra Singh (Kanpur) praised the Physics Galaxy books for improving their understanding of physics concepts and found the revision checklist particularly useful .
    • Nikhil and Abhishek Prajapati (Etawah) highlighted how Ashish Sir’s teaching not only developed their interest in physics but also made complex concepts easy to understand .
  • Online Platform Reviews:
    • The Physics Galaxy YouTube channel, with over 15 million views, is lauded for its simplicity and in-depth explanation of concepts, making it a favorite among JEE and NEET aspirants
    • Gaurav Didwania (AIR-9, JEEAdvanced 2016) and Gaurav Bubna (AIR-13, IIT-JEE 2005) appreciated Ashish Sir’s guidance and the challenging problems provided, which were instrumental in keeping them motivated and focused on their goals

These stories not only highlight the impact of Physics Galaxy and Ashish Arora’s teachings on students’ success in competitive exams but also underscore the platform’s role in making quality education accessible to all, including those from underprivileged backgrounds.


Throughout this analysis, we’ve delved deeply into the multifaceted offerings of Physics Galaxy for those aspiring to crack competitive exams like JEE Advanced. The unique blend of comprehensive resource material, including books authored by Ashish Arora, extensive video lectures, and advanced illustrations, equip students with a robust foundation in physics. This potent mix underscores the effectiveness of Physics Galaxy, not just as a learning platform but as a transformative educational journey led by one of the most seasoned educators in the field, epitomized by a wealth of success stories from top rankers who attribute their achievements to this platform.

Given the breadth of resources and the quality of mentorship available, Physics Galaxy emerges as a compelling choice for students aiming for excellence in competitive exams. The dual emphasis on conceptual clarity and problem-solving rigor prepares aspirants for the challenging nature of such examinations, fostering not just academic success but a deeper appreciation and understanding of physics. As we look toward the future of education, platforms like Physics Galaxy signify a shift towards accessible, high-quality education, promising a brighter future for students across different backgrounds and aspirations.

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