Finding Your Perfect PYQ Book for JEE Mains and Advanced: A Comparative Study

JEE Mains and Advanced are pivotal stepping stones for engineering aspirants in India, serving as the gateway to prestigious institutions. Solving previous year question papers (PYQs) is key to mastering the exam pattern, types of questions, and gauging the difficulty level, firmly placing the significance of choosing the right PYQ book for JEE Mains and Advanced at the forefront of preparation strategies.

This article embarks on a comparative study of PYQ books offered by top publishers, designed to help you make an informed decision. By exploring various options, including books dedicated to physics, chemistry, mathematics, and comprehensive solutions, we aim to guide you towards finding your perfect study companion for achieving success in JEE Mains and Advanced.

Arihant Publications

Arihant Publications stands out for its comprehensive range of books tailored for JEE preparation, earning high praise from students and toppers alike[1]. The publisher offers a detailed selection for each subject:

  • Physics: Favorites include HC Verma, DC Pandey series, IE IRODOV, and SS Krotov, catering to a broad spectrum of topics and difficulty levels.
  • Chemistry: For a solid foundation, Arihant recommends multiple readings of NCERT for inorganic chemistry, alongside specialized books by N Awasthi for physical chemistry and MS Chouhan for organic chemistry.
  • Mathematics: The list comprises NCERT Exemplar for basics, Cengage series for advanced studies, selective chapters from the Black book, and Mathematical Olympiad Challenges for enthusiasts.

Notably, Arihant’s Mathematics Jee Main & Advanced sets, consisting of 7 books, have garnered positive feedback for their clear explanations, solved examples, and inclusion of previous year questions, although some users have noted minor errors and packaging issues. Furthermore, for those seeking practice with PYQs, Arihant, alongside Disha Publications, is recommended for its detailed solutions, enhancing understanding and preparation for both JEE Mains and Advanced.

MTG Editorial Board

MTG Editorial Board has curated a selection of books specifically designed for JEE aspirants, aiming to provide comprehensive preparation materials. However, it’s important to note some considerations:

  • The “MTG 11 Years Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Questions Papers (2013-2023) of JEE (Main & Advanced)” series, available for Physics and Chemistry, offers a decade’s worth of solved papers, priced at ₹540.94 for Physics and available at a 31% discount at ₹619.00 for Chemistry from the original ₹900.00.
  • Despite its extensive collection, MTG’s offerings have been critiqued for lacking detailed solutions and leaving some questions unanswered in the Mains book, which could be a significant drawback for students seeking in-depth explanations.
  • For those looking for a wide array of practice questions, the Chemistry book contains over 4000+ questions from the previous 11 years’ engineering entrance exams, and the Physics book provides a substantial collection of JEE Mains math questions categorized topic-wise and sub-topic wise from the past 40 years .

While MTG Editorial Board provides a wealth of resources for JEE preparation, including free access to online tests and full-length mock tests for specific exams like BVP CET, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, especially concerning the detailedness of solutions provided.

Disha Publications

Disha Publications, known for its extensive range of competitive exam resources, offers a comprehensive suite for JEE Advanced and Mains preparation. Here’s how Disha stands out:

  • JEE Advanced Preparation: Disha provides a rich collection for JEE Advanced, including previous years’ solved question papers, study packages, mock tests, and a topic-wise analysis worksheet. Their resources cover the exam’s format, which includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics sections with multiple-choice, double-answer, and numerical value questions, all conducted online.
  • Key Offerings:
    • Combo of 144 JEE Mains and 46 JEE Advanced previous year (1978 – 2023) chapterwise & topicwise solved papers.
    • Errorless 46 Previous Years IIT JEE Advanced (1978 – 2023) + JEE Main (2013 – 2023) PCM Chapterwise & Topicwise Solved Papers.
    • TARGET JEE Advanced 2024 – 11 Previous Year Solved Papers (2013 – 2023) & 5 Mock Tests Papers 1 & 2, alongside 18 Previous Years JEE Advanced Year-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2.
  • JEE Mains Focus: For JEE Mains, Disha offers resources including previous years solved papers, objective type question sets, chapterwise practice question papers, and study packages. Their materials support both Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech) and Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Planning) formats, with each paper comprising 90 questions across Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

These resources, combined with tips for effective preparation, such as starting with NCERT Books and solving previous years’ question papers, make Disha Publications a valuable ally for JEE aspirants.

Physics Wallah

In the realm of JEE preparation, Physics Wallah (PW) emerges as a notable contender with its array of books designed to cater to the aspirants of this rigorous examination. However, it’s crucial to navigate through the specifics to understand its offerings better:

  • Content and Structure: PW provides a comprehensive 9-book set for PCM, meticulously arranged according to the latest NTA syllabus. This set is enriched with elaborative solutions, ARISE content, illustrations, tables, flowcharts, past year JEE analysis trend, and critical concepts. It aims to develop examination temperament through a perfect practice plan and includes advanced level multi-concept questions along with JEE Mains & Advanced Past Years Questions with text and audio solutions .
  • Concerns and Feedback: While the questions in PW books are appreciated for their relevance, users have reported concerns regarding the explanations provided. The explanation book tends to offer just the formulas used in the questions without delving into comprehensive solutions. This, coupled with reported inaccuracies and contradictions, particularly in the inorganic chemistry section, raises concerns for self-study students who rely heavily on detailed explanations for better understanding. Such issues have been highlighted to the PW team for rectification.
  • Product Details and Pricing: The 9-book set spans 2148 pages and is available in paperback format. It’s priced at ₹1,569.70, offering enriched content and systematic preparation tools for both JEE Main and Advanced exams. Additionally, PW offers a 5 Years JEE Main and Advanced combo, providing a chapter-wise weightage analysis, topic-wise MCQs, answer keys with explanations, and detailed solutions to improve problem-solving skills. This combo is priced at ₹1,450, after a 37% discount from the original price of ₹2,297.


Through this comparative study, the significance of selecting the right PYQ book for JEE Mains and Advanced preparation has been underscored, guiding aspirants towards informed decisions. The detailed exploration of offerings from Arihant Publications, MTG Editorial Board, Disha Publications, and Physics Wallah illuminates the diverse resources available, each with its distinctive strengths and areas for improvement. This study empowers students to align their preferences and requirements with the features of these educational tools, enhancing their journey toward academic success in these challenging examinations.

The findings reveal a multifaceted landscape of JEE preparation materials, emphasizing the critical role they play in mastering the exam pattern, understanding question types, and effectively gauging the difficulty level. As students navigate the path to selecting their ideal study companion, they are encouraged to consider the broader implications of this choice on their preparation and performance. In the pursuit of excellence in JEE Mains and Advanced, the journey is as pivotal as the destination, with the right PYQ book serving as a valuable ally in achieving aspirational goals.

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