[PDF Download ] JEE Calculus Book By Sachin Jakhar Main & Advanced

The “JEE Calculus Book By Sachin Jakhar Main & Advanced” is a comprehensive resource meticulously designed to aid aspirants in mastering calculus for competitive exams like JEE Main and IIT-JEE Advanced. Authored by Sachin Jakhar, the book is a blend of detailed theory, solved examples, special problem sets, and exercises aimed at building a robust foundation in calculus.

Key Features

1. Detailed Theory

The book provides in-depth coverage of calculus concepts, ensuring a solid theoretical understanding. Each topic is explained with clarity, making complex concepts accessible.

2. Solved Examples

A plethora of solved examples are included to demonstrate the application of theoretical concepts. These examples serve as practical illustrations, aiding in the reinforcement of learning.

3. Sachin Sir Special (S3)

The Sachin Sir Special section contains thought-provoking questions specifically crafted to enhance analytical skills and deepen understanding. These questions go beyond standard problems, challenging students to apply concepts in novel ways.

4. JEE Main Exercise

Dedicated exercises tailored for JEE Main aspirants are included. These exercises cover a range of difficulties, ensuring comprehensive practice and mastery of calculus topics essential for the JEE Main exam.

5. JEE Advanced Exercise

For those targeting the IIT-JEE Advanced exam, specialized exercises are provided. These problems are designed to test and improve proficiency in advanced mathematical techniques.

6. Critical Thinking Questions (CTQs)

Critical Thinking Questions are interspersed throughout the book to encourage aspirants to think deeply about the concepts they are learning. These questions are aimed at promoting analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

7. Answer Key

An extensive answer key is provided, enabling students to check their solutions and understand the step-by-step process involved in arriving at the correct answers.

Benefits of Using This Book

  • Comprehensive Problem-Solving Techniques: Develop a strong foundation in problem-solving with exercises that range from basic to advanced levels.
  • Reinforced Understanding: Topic-wise detailed theory combined with solved examples ensures that aspirants have ample practice opportunities and a thorough understanding of calculus concepts.
  • Enhanced Analytical Skills: Special S3 questions crafted by Sachin Sir are designed to enhance analytical skills and deepen understanding of the subject.
  • Tailored Exercises for Competitive Exams: The book provides exercises specifically designed for JEE Main and IIT-JEE Advanced levels, ensuring aspirants are well-prepared for these highly competitive exams.
  • Promotion of Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking Questions challenge students to think beyond rote memorization, fostering deeper understanding and enhancing problem-solving capabilities.

Table of Contents

1Introduction to Calculus
2Limits and Continuity
4Applications of Derivatives
6Definite Integrals and Applications
7Differential Equations
8Sachin Sir Special (S3) Questions
9JEE Main Exercises
10JEE Advanced Exercises
11Critical Thinking Questions
12Answer Key


The “JEE Calculus Book By Sachin Jakhar Main & Advanced” is an essential resource for any JEE aspirant aiming to excel in calculus. With detailed theory, solved examples, special questions, and exercises tailored for both JEE Main and Advanced levels, this book equips students with the necessary tools to master calculus and succeed in their exams. Download your copy now and start your journey towards mastering calculus with Sachin Sir’s expert guidance.

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